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Ok guys, we all know why you're here either to lose weight or build muscle. We want you to succeed at whatever your goals may be. Stick around and find out how to achieve a healthier lifestyle and be happy with the man in the mirror. 

Hey girls I want you to be inspired and know that lifting weights is not just for men. Im sure you have heard from other sources that lifting will make you look like a man. But this couldn't be further from the truth. In fact lifting will make you feel and look more like a women then ever before. So don't be afraid to lift join the thousands of women around the world who are making necessary changes to live a healthier lifestyle.  

About Us

We are just like You, We all had to start from Somewhere. Here's a little about ,

My name is Jonathan and I work with my brother David. We are passionate about helping people reach there fitness goals.

We are daticated to bring the most updated information in the fitness industry. To help individuals accomplish there dreams of being healthy and fit.

I am a Loving husband and father of 5 boys, I am devoted to my own health and fitness and if there is one thing I can do, That is to help people live a happier, healthier life for there friends and family.

Before I started my fitness journey I was a transport operator for 11 years. That was a very unhealthy lifestyle. I quit that job and started making better decisions and my passion started to grow to help as many people I could.

My brother also was a transport operator. He quit that lifestyle to pursue his own dreams to become  healthier as well.

From our dreams to yours, Stay Strong, Keep Lifting and Never Give Up

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Our Goal is to Help as many people as possible. To reach there goals and dreams of living a happier healthier life. 

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